Xerox Case Study

Published: 2021-09-22 01:10:08
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                                                            INDEXNO        CONTENT                                                                         Page No1.        Executive Summary                                                                2 1.        Introduction                                                                        32.        Structural Strategy. Problems, Analysing and Solutions.                  4- 103.        Operations Strategy. Problems, Analysing and Solutions.                11 - 154.        Behavioural Strategy. Problems, Analysing and Solutions.                15 - 195.        Conclusion                                                                        19 - 207.        Bibliography                                                                        20        Figure 1:  The bases of Organisational Performance and Improvement.        3  Figure 2:  Lynch, R. Operational structure and people issues.                        4Figure 3:  Lynch, R. Managing Strategic Change.                                  6Figure 4:  Lynch, R. Man elements of of strategic leadership.                    9                                                XEROX CORPORATION:  EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1.        THE PROFILE OF XEROX CORPORATION INTRODUCTIONAnne Mulcahy the newly appointed CEO of Xerox use a “top-down” strategic planning process in her turnaround of Xerox. Anne Mulcahy works in isolation, makes alone all the important decisions, and only involved her newly appointed top management in strategy decision-making.ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE Problem.  Xerox Corp needs an innovation structure within the current matrix structure.Causes.  Common features of highly innovative organizations include supportive strategies, cultures, structures, staffing, and senior leadership. None of these was in place at Xerox.Solutions.  Make innovation a way of life for everyone. We must learn as individuals and as organisations to welcome change and innovation and align it with our structures. ORGANISATIONAL OPERATIONS Problem.  Xerox must review his strategy choices in doing their operations to remain competitive over the long term. Xerox facing major competitive pressures in a changing global economy.

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