Write a Brief Description of Your Model of Teaching

Published: 2021-09-14 16:45:09
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Week Two - Write a brief description of your model

There are number of teaching models, developed and analysed by likes of many theorists, such as Roger Bybee, Barman (1989), Ramsey (1993). Some such models are, the Five 'E's, Outcomes- based education (OBE) etc.
The model I would adopt to teach is OBE. As I believe this method of teaching is considered to be "high-quality, culminating demonstrations of significant learning in context" .OBE enhances the knowledge of the learner, and enables the learner to demonstrate significant and high quality learning, related to real life context. (Killen 2005).
This model of teaching is based on questions such as: What do I intend my students to be able to do after my teaching that they couldn't do before, and to what standard? How do I supply learning activities that will help them achieve those outcomes? How do I assess them to see how well they have achieved them? (Biggs, J & Tang,C.,2007).
Unlike the traditional method of teaching that centred around " what the lecturers wanted to teach the students", the OBE approach ,focuses on the question of learning and specifically on what students should be able to know and do at the end of the learning experience. (Bodenstein, R,.1994).
Several advantages have been identified in adopting an outcome-based model such as, relevance, clarity, accountability, self-directed learning, flexibility, assessment guidelines, collaboration in planning, and program evaluation ( Glicken, A, D., n.d)

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