Why Plagarism Is Morally Wrong

Published: 2021-09-15 19:30:11
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Category: Social Issues

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Plagarism teaches American youth a lazy, unethical way out of a quality education. Anyone can copy and paste an essay into a word document and print it. Because anyone can do it, this means that anyone can forge their way to a degree with little to no effort. These criminals are becoming our doctors, engineers, mathematicians, and scientists.

It is no wonder America is in dire financial straights, our infrastructure is in disrepair, and the common good of mankind is a long forgotten whim of an older era. Our economists and accountants refuse to study. The cutting edge of American scientific studies, engineering prowess, and production efficiency is becoming dull. We are being debted to death, out-performed, and downsized because of the dishonesty of the American student and the indifference of the American teacher.

With the rapid propagation of the internet and the information sources becoming available, the public is relying on the collective consciousness of google and wikipedia. It's a terrifying world we live in, because the collective intelligence on the internet is, for the most part, certainly not intelligent.

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