Why Do I Want to Attend John Cabot University?

Published: 2021-09-14 08:30:09
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Why do I want to Attend John Cabot University?
Well, John Cabot has exactly what I'm looking for in a college. You have an incredible Humanistic Studies program that would let me explore all my areas of interest. In a place that holds culture and history close to its heart.
I have never felt so sure about something that seems so unknown. A place and a culture that I have never seen before and have no personal connections with; and yet I want to be at John Cabot studying for four years. Call me crazy, but I like adventure, I like the thought of anything is possible because I have never known any different. I honestly believe that we are set out on this earth to have an effect on something, whether it is positive or negative is up to our own free will. I hope to leave a positive impression on anyone or anything I come across in life.
Rome is uncharted territory for me, a place to see things with a new hermeneutic. The culture is unavoidable, you don't just live in it, you fully immerse yourself. I'm deeply interested in cultures and history, and Rome is the hub of modern culture; our roots are in Rome. It's where many cultures since then have come from; it's where it all began. When I travel, I see my life from different perspectives, which I believe is an important thing for people my age. We should see things a million different ways because our brain is constantly obtaining new information, and being at John Cabot, I could do that in a broader way. I crave new experiences and knowledge, and I believe I will find both at John Cabot. I will be able to exercise my passion for learning to its greatest potential, while eventually being able to give back to the world in a more tangible way.

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