Who I Believe Is to Blame for Obesity?

Published: 2021-09-15 12:00:10
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Contents Page
* Page 3- introduction
* What is obesity?
* Who does it affect?
* Are there different types of obesity?
* What are the problems concerned with it?

Who's to blame? -
* The food industry?
* Advertising?
* School canteens?
* The government?
* Ourselves?

My Viewpoint (Conclusion)
Who I believe is to blame for obesity

My case study is about obesity, and who is to blame for it? Obesity these days affects all ages now from new born babies to the old and wrinkly. Over the generations of people the people of the world do less and less exercise such as people taking auto mobiles instead of walking short distances. With many fast food industries being an easier and quicker alternative to home cooked meals, and the demand of office jobs where exercise is minimized are all things leading to the generations growing in waist size.

With statistics that half of men will be obese and a third of women by 2023 we should be very worried. With average waist line increasing drastically by so many being overweight is getting accepted into society. But this should not be the case as obesity cause many health problems, one of which is type 2 diabetes and also heart disease. Being obese cause's people to become so unhealthy that the average person decreases their life by at least 8 years. Who is to blame for all this? Is it us? The fast food industries? Where is our self control and knowledge of the food around us, why are we so lazy to just result to fast food all the time; when will we stop?

Healthy eating and eat well plate

The eat well plate is to really show how much of stuff you should be eating from milk egg and bread, to vegetables and other food types. A healthy diet is one that is balanced. This means eating the right amount of food for how active you are, and eating a range of food from the five main food groups. These are:
* carbohydrates, which contain lots of energy and nutrients and are found in starchy foods, such as bread, pasta and potatoes
* protein, which helps the body to grow and repair itself, is found in meat, fish, beans and eggs

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