Whistle Blowers

Published: 2021-09-10 23:25:08
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SUMMARYChuck Atchinson Chuck Atchinson is successful as a quality control inspector for Brown & root a nuclear power plant. After 4 years chuck was fired and suffered misfortune, the cause of his misfortune is because of his inability to get his superior to observe safety regulations in the construction of nuclear plant and to correct a number of potentially hazardous flaws. He complains to the company but got no response which led him to the government regulators to talk about the situation and then got fired. Atchinson then testify to the government regulators but receive anonymous threats. Atchinson then realized he was blacklisted he applied to another job, but was still able to find a stable job doing control work for the aerospace division. Atchinson regret a little bit being a whistler-blower because of the loss he experience but would do it again if he had to. Joseph roseJoseph rose is an attorney of associated milk producers incorporated and found illegal political contribution to the Nixon re-election campaign. As a lawyer information should be kept confidential even if they constituted a criminal conspiracy. Rose learned from training to help cover up illegal activity. Rose then collected evidence and present it to the board of directors. After presenting the evidence Rose got fired. In the end AMPI was fined. And Joseph Rose also paid in term of the disruption of his career. After the incident employers view his as disloyal and an unreliable employee. Even though his image was destroyed Rose was still successful because clients come to him because of his reputation for integrity and toughness in the face of adversity.

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