Whether Ms. Alice George Should Continue with Conman Systems Pvt Ltd or Not?

Published: 2021-09-10 21:35:10
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Problem Statement:Whether Ms. Alice George should continue with Conman Systems Pvt Ltd or not? Situation Analysis:After reading the case, it is very clear that Mrs. Alice has done fabulous job in Home Computing segment since she has joined the Conman Systems Pvt Ltd. It is felt that she is the victim of the Discrimination in the organization because of the conscious or unconscious biasness of the management towards the gender discrimination.This may affect women's self-worth and can keep them from achieving their potential.Alternatives for the problem:She can continue with the organization with the new Position as VP –PR.She can contribute in the home computing segment with the condition that she needs to work under Mr. Naik who seems unethical in doing job.She can immediately resign and may start a new job with better opportunities.Evaluation of Alternatives:1. With the first alternative, she will continue to work in same organization as Vice President – Public relations. With the new responsibilities and roles assigned to her, she will not be able to justify her position as she thinks that the work will not involve her true skills which will be helpful to achieve the goal of the organization. It may possible that she may enjoy the work after spending some time. It is also possible that she may not be much competitive in the Business Computing as there is no data available in the growth of that particular segment. That is why managing director has taken such decision to appoint a new person who have knowledge about the same market and thus drive this segment to new heights.

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