When Great Dogs Fight

Published: 2021-09-13 15:40:10
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"When Great Dogs Fight" is about an underdog who seems to not be able to catch a bone. He seems to be old and not in good shape. He waits outside of a gate and he looks in. The great dog is a bulldog. After waiting on the sidelines he is able to get a bone. The way he got the bone is by two great dogs fighting. This poem is basically about and underbreed striving to make it to the top. And in this poem the underdog comes out on top. The moral of this poem is that when you fight you tend to not pay attention to the things happening around you. So when you pay attention you know what is going on. The underdog just waited paitently for something to come his way. He didnt fight for anything. The poem has a sad feeling to the start and then at the ending it has a happy feeling. And I think thats what the author was trying to do. The question is usually how do you feel about this poem or "what moves you" I would have to say that the whole thing moves me just to know that someone or something that was at the bottom of everything came out on top. Now im not saying that steeling is ok or anything but its kind of like a comic hero. Usually they come out on bottom and land themselves on top. Its just dealing with a dog. I guess what im trying to say is that this poem was great and I enjoyed it very much.

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