What Was the Great Schism?

Published: 2021-09-14 15:30:08
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What was the Great Schism?
19. When did the Renaissance begin?
Section 2: The Shattering
1. Who was the next explorer to successfully navigate the Straits of Magellan
after Magellan?
2. What was the policy of Spain toward Jews beginning in 1492?
3. What was the most celebrated crime of the Middle Ages?
4. According to Manchester, at any given moment the most dangerous
enemy in Europe was who?
5. Who said "God has given us the papacy. Let us enjoy it?"
6. What scriptural precedent did the Church use to justify the sale of
7. When did the Church establish rules of celibacy for the clergy?
8. Who did Girolamo Savonarola declare "is no longer a Christian?"
9. Who conspired to murder Lorenzo de Medici?
10. What were the three largest European cities in 1500?
11. Why were there no correctional facilities in the sixteenth century?
12. Who are the Fuggers?
13. How large was the average man of the time?
14. What was the life expectancy for the peasants of Europe in the 16th
15. What were the required uniforms for lepers, prostitutes, and Jews?
16. What substituted for prison terms at the time?
17. Why was Castile unique for travelers?
18. Who was the model for Machiavelli's The Prince?

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