What Is the Relationship Between Identity and Objects of Desire?

Published: 2021-09-15 22:45:07
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One uses many aspects of their lives to express their identity. There are two reasons in which our identities are established. The first being that our identity is a products of culture and we are who we are due to our families, towns and our cultures set of values; we are who we are because of our families, where we were born, and how we were brought up. The second reasons being our identities are established in our cultures, our cultures provide us with assets which we are then free to go away and assemble who we wants to be; our identities.
The brand Burberry is an iconic worldwide clothing range with was established in Britain. The clothing brand is specifically associated with 'Chavs'. A 'Chav' is a stereotypical identity given to certain people who are believed to be from a working-class background, who appoint anti-social behaviour and furthermore are aggressive and rude towards others.
Despite this, Burberry is in fact a luxury brand for the higher class citizens of the world. The items they produce are desired by many and extremely expensive. The ideology behind this designer brand is the idea of capitalism and a free market. Capitalism is an economic system in which citizens are to produce goods and use their services for a profit. A Market Liberalist believes in Capitalism and furthermore, encourages individual identities through citizens purchasing these consumer items.

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