What Are the Main Factors Contributing to Low Healthy Life Expectancy in the Developed World? Investigate Possible Solutions to These Problems.

Published: 2021-09-11 19:25:08
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In recent years, with the development of country, a healthy body was increasingly focused in everyday life. However, one matter that the healthy life expectancy is in a low level in some developed world. For example, Danish rates of suicide have fallen in recent time, but it is still higher than many European countries (Kaplan, 2010). The Healthy life expectancy as 'a measure of population health covers both physical health and wellbeing, which are often popularly described together as the quantity and quality of life' (p.170). There are many factors contributing to low health expectancy. In this essay, I will mention three main factors, which are stress, bad lifestyle and environmental pollution. It will be argued that the most useful solution is to have a good lifestyle.

One type of explanation for low healthy life expectancy could be concentrated on stress which is from life and work. For example, In Canada, the increasingly rapid pace of life today causes more stress to be borne by people (Illing and Liu, 2006). Most of the people who live in the developed countries pursuit a higher quality of life, so that they need working and living in a effective way, then more and more stress might be produced, as a result they tend to have a lower quality of life.

There has a possible solution for stress is to have more communication. To have a great communication habits could relieve the stress of life (Keller, 2001). For example, most people thought that a nice day always have friends around and they always feel relaxed when they have time with friends. According to Keller, to spend time on communicating with friends if you have a busy work or an intense feeling during the day, it could help you for coping with stress, thus improve the quality of healthy life.

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