Wallis office Products Case Study

Published: 2021-09-14 17:00:10
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1. Formalize the sales strategy and quantify the sales opportunities that exist.
The sales strategy of Wallis Office Products is to focus on serving a quality product with the best customer satisfaction. The quality product is to save time and money by storing all paperwork on the computer and being able to retrieve this paperwork at any time, while the service is fulfilling the needs and expectations of the customers. The sales strategy focuses on companies that have excess paperwork and spend too much time searching through filing cabinets to locate a document, these industries are lawyers, doctors, insurance companies, and anyone who uses a paper-based system.
The sales opportunity is to sell to every company, big or small, that is paper based. By converting these paper-based companies to the electronic-based documentation Wallis provides, sales will increase. The opportunity to locate these companies are endless.
2. Map out the sales process associated with the different products/services and the roles of current sales and service personnel in the process.
The current sales process is to focus on high quality and service. Therefore, the roles of current sales and service personnel in the sales process are very important. It is imperative that every customer and potential customer be treated with the upmost respect. Customer satisfaction is one of main reasons why sales have been high and it is important to keep up this work ethic making the customers feel as if they are the company's number one priority. John has more sales representatives than account executives in order to foster this valuable customer relationship.

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