Vietnam's Consumers

Published: 2021-09-16 00:45:08
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today, the market is opened widely on over the world, the foreign investors always considers the political issues when deciding to venture into foreign marketplace. the barrier that any organization have to face is that if it is a safe market to run a business. therefore, political issues are the first interest to them.

Vietnam's consumers were familiar with images of foreign coffee chains are appearing more and more in major cities, especially in Ho Chi Minh city. Typical chain stores recently Jolly date, illy's and Gloria Jeans has started to build new stores contributing to diversify the color of a war for market intransigence.

Many investors are more interested to know how to get franchise or joint ventures provide some famous brands in Vietnam. For example coffee from Gloria Jeans, from some sources suggests that the price of paper franchise until from 5,000 ranged to 33,000USD and Gloria Jeans store is approximately 300,000 USD. Approach new markets of Gloria Jeans is more open some other brands will be discussed later.

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