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Published: 2021-09-10 04:15:09
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Assignment informationFor this assignment, you will answer guiding questions that correspond to the AP® US History learning objectives for this time period. In addition, you will identify important terms, events, and people to ensure you have achieved the appropriate depth of knowledge for this era.  In addition, you should review the AP US History thematic learning objectives and key concepts for this time period. You can find this information in the AP United States History Course and Exam Description, which you can download at the College Board website here: multiple choice, short answer, and essay questions on the AP US History exam directly address one or more of the thematic learning objectives or key concepts provided in this document.DirectionsStep 1: As you progress through the video and reading lessons in this unit, take notes on the guiding questions and important terms.   Remember to save your work as you go.Ask your teacher if you have questions about how to complete this assignment.You will have the opportunity to turn this assignment in at the end of the unit.Section I:  Guiding questionsThese guiding questions reflect the important concepts and thematic learning objectives for this time period. Take notes on these topics as you progress through the video and reading lessons in this unit, and then craft a thorough response. Be sure to include specific details, facts, and evidence to support your conclusions.How did economic interests, cultural factors, and political ambitions contribute to an unprecedented territorial expansion from 1844–1860?With territorial expansion came economic development that fed growing regional tensions. In the northern states, economic development ushered in the early stages of industrialization, a transportation revolution, and the creation of a market system. The North's cities flourished on a rising tide of immigration, and its newly opened territories were cultivated by growing numbers of family farms. The South followed a dramatically different course, however, staking its expansion on the cotton economy and the growth of slavery. While white Southerners fiercely defended this exploitive economic and social system, millions of African American slaves struggled to shape their own lives through family, religion, and resistance. How did economic differences and political conflicts from 1848–1860 bring the nation into the Civil War?The Southern states that seceded and were known as the Confederate States of America, wanted for slavery to always be legal and not be contained to only the South. As Abraham Lincoln came into office promising the control of slavery, the Southern states took it as the last straw for slaves wer property and the constitution states that the government has no right to a mans property, which led the southern states to seced. How did the leadership of Abraham Lincoln contribute to the Union victory in the Civil War?Abraham Lincoln was always an advocate for the control of slavery, so this allowed Lincoln to realize help could be achieved by allowing African Americans to fight and not lose major battles.

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