Understanding Special Needs

Published: 2021-09-15 18:40:10
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1. Introduction
2. Case Study
a. Background
b. The Centre
c. Typical Day
d. Person Centred Planning
e. Michael - Autism
3. Conclusion
4. References

1. Introduction
In this assignment I am going to describe my visit to an adult special needs centre. I plan to explain their mission statement, the resources they have and what the staff ratios are. I will also be explaining what legislation is used within the centre. Included in this assignment is a questioner that I completed with the key worker and the manager.
I will be outlining my visit to the centre including all of my personal experiences and feelings. I met with both a key worker and the manager of the centre. The manager gave me an extensive tour and introduced me to many of the service users and the other key workers.
St Michaels house is a facility which uses Person centred planning. This is a collection of tools and approaches based upon a set of shared values that can be used to plan with a person, not for them . These tools can be used to help the person think about what is important in their lives now and also to think about what would make a good future. Planning should build the person's circle of support and involve all the people who are important in that person's life.
The centre focuses mainly on John O'Briens five Accomplishments of Normalisation
Community Presence, this is the right to take part in community life and to live and spend leisure time with other members of the community. Relationships, this is the right to experience valued relationships with non-disabled people. Choice, this is The right to make choices, both large and small, in one's life. These include choices about where to live and with whom to live. Competence, this is The right to learn new skill and participate in meaningful activities with whatever assistance is required. Respect, this is The right to be valued and not treated as a second-class citizen.
Their mission statement is as follows "St Michael's House is committed to providing an environment where people with learning difficulties will be educated will work and participate in leisure activities in community settings and will enjoy experiences, opportunities and lifestyle similar to their peers".

2. Case Study
My visit to the centre took place on the 8th February 2011. It is a registered charity and company limited. All activity and income is applied solely towards the provision of services and supports for people with an intellectual disability.
This centre was founded on the 2nd June 1955. It started out as a small day school and then the organisation began to develop new and innovative day and residential services, which were guided by best international practice and the belief that people with intellectual disabilities are full and equal members of society.

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