Traffic Jam

Published: 2021-09-15 07:55:10
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Phung Quoc Dung (Dzung)Traffic JamWhen people talk about Vietnam, they all have to complain the traffic which is so horrible and funny. In fact, not only in Vietnam, traffic congestion is a popular problem of many developed and developing countries, and its effects are really worrying. Traffic jam takes people more time to transport, waste more petrol, more delivery expense or harm significantly to the environment. In Hanoi, the status of traffic jam is becoming more complicate for several reasonsFirst, the population of Hanoi is too high. Thus, the demand of transportation is also too high especially in the peak hours. This leads to the congestion in a certain street, then spreading out the nearby area. Second, the demand of using own vehicle is also too high. In Hanoi, people like driving their own motorbike for transport purpose, so the development of traffic infrastructure could not meet those demand. Besides, the quality of public transportation is low, so these vehicles just satisfy a low number of residents’ needs. Finally, there are some reasons which we should consider such as lacking of modern traffic equipment, lacking of instantaneous information to show out solutions immediately, or the consciousness of following the traffic rule is equal to zero.

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