To Believe or Not to Believe

Published: 2021-09-14 11:30:09
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To be believe or not to believe? In my opinion I believe that people who reside in the united states have greater opportunities for professional and personal success than those residing in other countries. As for professional success the United States had more support from higher government authorities and teachers, pushing for success than those of other countries. Also within the United States there are greater chances of employment after graduation. As for personal success it is easily accessible due to the United States having the most skilled laborers in the world and a variety of universities and colleges to attend.
Support is key to succeeding and here in the United States who better to thank for support than our very own President Barack Obama. Who launched one of the "world's most ambitious education reform agenda's yet" "Race to the top" which was initated in the year 2010" This program is a guarantee to success, it prepares students to succeed in college and the workplace. Also it informs teachers and principals on how they can improve their practices, and helps with turning around our country's lowest performing schools. Teachers in the United States spend much more time in class teaching than other countries and are paid more. In another sense the same idea isn't put in place in other countries therefore making the United States the most effective in succeeding.
Chances of employment being found after graduation are greater in the United States because the US has the largest economy in the world and " the level of innovation is demonstrated in the highest through our economy." The more jobs available means the more people can be hired. Economies in other countries tend to be smaller meaning less jobs are available. Therefore people in other countries come to the United States to study education.

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