Published: 2021-09-14 00:05:06
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For the reason po that my mother is still in the hospital today, I would like to ask for your permission if I could leave at work at 3pm until such time that Nanay is out in the hospital (And I hope and pray it would be sooner than the two weeks a nurse told us). And I know this might seem not possible but I would just like to try to ask for your permission also if I could get into work here earlier than 8am and go out by 3pm. I have to go immediately to the hospital so that my brother could rest and also attend to his class at school. I just thought of going in at 7am so that I can fill-in the 8-hr work. I would just take my break after work and will have heavy breakfast so that I could use lunch break time for work hours. It's ok po if this is not possible. I understand po. Thanks a lot for the consideration. I appreciate it a lot.

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