The Word Ethics

Published: 2021-09-13 06:50:10
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The word ethics comes from the Greek ethos, its meaning something like 'morals'. Actually, ethics are defined as what is moral. According to the theory, morality is the whole of opinions, decisions and actions with which people express what they think is good or right. In other words, to think ethical behaviour, we need to consider on what people think is good or right. It is only a search for the right kind of morality. But I think that the ethics is people try to find a rule for the better live during the course of evolution.
We can differentiate two kinds of ethics. The descriptive ethics are involved with the description of existing morality. It is about facts. Descriptive judgments are therefore true or false. On the other words, there is the specified ethics, also known as the range ethics. This branch of ethics actually judges morality. Range judgments are therefore valued judgments: they state clearly whether something is good or bad. We will mainly consider ourselves with Range ethics. Think of ways in which you use the word 'ethics 'in everyday speech and the contexts in which we use the idea of ethics. (Brown, 1998)

Lo1 understand different ethical perspectives in business
1. Explain the background and development of theoretical ethical approaches.
The background of ethics includes the following:

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