The Wonderful World of College

Published: 2021-09-13 06:45:09
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In our life today we go through many phases which shape who we are, who we are going to be, and how it all happened. There is a fine line between childhood and adulthood. I believe that line is called college. Everything you have grown up to become will be determined after this crucial stage of your life which you can never get back. In today's world to become a complete person is to live a complete life, which college is more than capable of providing. College will change the rest of your life from the moment you experience its social life, education, and its gift of a career.
Some people when they think of post-secondary education they think of school headache all over again, when in reality college has a broad fun social life you can adapt to. College in fact can be one of the most exciting times of your life with endless possibilities of what to do with your space and time. They have weekly events in which you and all your friends can go to the local club/bar on campus. These are there so you can have a capable of drinks with your friends, meet new people and interact with them. When you get to the point you either feel like drinking
isn't for you, there are many teams ranging from any sport you desire. There are also gyms to exercise and free time in the basketball courts just to shoot around with your friends. College is all about interacting with people, joining organizations, being socially active and just having fun.
College is a place to build your future by meeting new people, but most importantly to get a quality education. Education is the most vital aspect to achieve in life, from logical thinking, retaining information, and just learning about the world. In college you can study literally anything you desire, from any field you desire, and in how much depth you desire. You can understand how man came to be, the amazing obstacles they overcame, or even the obstacles to come whether politically or even naturally with the Earth. There is no end to what you can discover when you put your mind to it, and college will create that atmosphere in the classes they provide to do just that. College is preparing you to succeed in your life with the education that it's providing you with, to not only get a job but to be mentally prepared for whatever life throws at you.
College's main purpose is not only to fill with information of what you want to learn, but to hopefully help you gain a career. Coming out of college was to help you find a career to build your life upon, with all the experiences and education gained. The day will come when you find yourself needing to be financially stable. This is when your college education will help you more than it ever did before, and having a career under your belt is more than rewarding. To have all that hard work finally pay off with a steady career, family, and a future will make you feel on top of the world.

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