The Value and Importance of Training

Published: 2021-09-11 08:25:08
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The Value and Importance of Training
Helen Hernandez
Professor Daniels
BUS 407-Training and Development
January 28, 2012

Briefly describe what the organization is and what it does.
Protein Inc. was founded in 1979 and is a privately owned family company that is base out of Vernon, CA. Protein's annual revenue is estimated between, 400 billion to $450 billion annually, Protein stands on their principles of being commitment to high levels of service and communication towards their clients.
Protein Inc. is a full service provider, and processor of dog and cat food that use a broad spectrum of species that are specific in proteins that include turkey, duck salmon, white fish, beef, pork and chicken along with organic species. They also have the abilities to process and blend vegetables, and fruits from whole, ground and dehydrated forms into specifications, grind requirement that can be delivered to the client's specifications.
Currently Protein Inc. operates four plans with two of their operations running on the West Coast and support operations running in the Midwest region with plants in Indiana. Protein Inc. pro-actively employee's over three-hundred full time employees.
Assess the current trends in training and determine which is the most appropriate to the organization you selected.
The training that would be most appropriate for Protein Inc. would be to begin with Diversity training for all employees, supervisors; this must include the plant manager and office personal. Other training that should also benefit and would be appropriate for Protein Inc.

is to implement training in ethics, Diversity, training for non-English speaking employees, along with knowledge and skills in working in a multicultural and multigenerational workforce for supervisors. Without proper action on the part of Protein Inc., and upper management, language and literacy barriers will make it more difficult or even impossible for some employees to function effectively and safely in the workforce.

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