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Published: 2021-09-14 15:05:10
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d individuals, household consumers. Dell will provide the corresponding demand for its products solutions and to the Global different customers. We help them develop their information technology and Internet infrastructure. Dell's supply chain system as early as breaking the traditional sense, "manufacturers" and "suppliers" between supply and demand rationing. On Dell business platform, customers are the core of the supply chain. Dell zero inventory is the key to success, in the inventory, Dell's success no one can match. Its global stock average number of days has been reduced to six days, and Lenovo stock index is about 30 days. The time of the General computer manufacturers was 2 months.
As far as Dell is conceived, the direct selling models to adhere to five principles, these five principles are in fact Dell's requirements to the supply chain.
One is to find the shortest path available to users. In other words, direct demand produced by the users of DELL. This shortest way is the best way to direct marketing. Clerect marketing can meet the needs of the clients directly, so the most direct knowledge of the market, the most direct understanding of consumer demands.
Second is standardized. DELL chose to enter the industries which are generally with high technical standardization. For example, PC, and the printer. If you want to promote a non-standard products in a regulated markets, it consumptions a great deal of work, so the standardization is very important.

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