The Stoning of Soraya

Published: 2021-09-14 14:45:11
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Soraya's Murder
Would you intentionally accuse your spouse to be stoned to death? The film The Stoning of Soraya M., is a great example of how a husband abused his power as a man against people in his village in order to get his wife killed. Spouse corruption led to the injustice murder of Soraya. There were other ways Soraya's punishment could have been resolved, and a real judge should order for a court ruling of death to occur. Corruption and the abuse of power led to the murder of Soraya, which is why the universalist position is my approach for this paper.
In the film, the people who made the main decisions for the town were the mayor and the mullah. It was very easy for the mullah to convince the mayor that Soraya had committed adultery. Ali, Soraya's husband, blackmailed the mullah about his past in order to convince him to talk to Soraya about getting a divorce. Soraya doesn't want a divorce, because her husband would leave her with no financial support. Ali and the mullah would then find a way to trick the mayor in believing Soraya had cheated with a male widowed villager, Hashem, by stirring up a plot by saying Soraya had smiled and touched Hashem when she was helping him. The mayor couldn't believe that Soraya had caused an infidelity, so he demanded solid proof of this incident. Ali was a witness and Hashem was threatened to lie. Ali forced Hashem to lie by saying Soraya did take "a nap" at his house.

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