The Settings in "the Destructors" and "the Most Dangerous Game"

Published: 2021-09-13 11:25:10
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Fiction Essay
"The Destructors" and "The Most Dangerous Game"

Thesis Statement

The setting of a story is an essential element in the telling of that yarn. This is especially true in a short story as the duration of the story usually limits the location to one site. In the short stories "The Destructors" and "The Most Dangerous Game" the locations in which they transpire play a pivotal role in the premise of these stories. The locales in which these stories take place are diametrically opposed. This paper will examine and dissect the backdrop of these stories and evaluate their contribution to the story's intent.

I. Introduction
a. The Destructors
b. The Most Dangerous Game
II. The Location
a. London, England
i. Wormsley Common
1. The Parking Lot
2. "Old Misery's House"
b. The Caribbean Ocean
i. The Yacht
ii. "Ship Trap Island"
III. The Time
a. Post World War II
b. Post World War I
IV. Atmosphere
a. Daytime
b. Nighttime
V. Conclusion

In the milieu of the short story, words are a precious commodity. The duration of the narrative demands that the language employed be both precise and succinct. The words that the author makes use of must paint a sufficiently vivid picture to embellish the tale without expending undo verbiage.

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