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Published: 2021-09-10 08:00:09
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JCUS Campus, Study Period 52, 2011


Study Period 52, JCUS Campus
Contents 1
1. School Overview 1
2. Subject at a Glance 2
3. Subject Details 3
4. Subject Readings and Resources 3
5. Assessment Details 4
6. Grading Criteria 5
7. Student Assistance 5
8. Important Policies & Guidelines 5
9. Additional Content 7
10. Postgraduate Skills & Qualities 8
11. Lecture & Tutorial Schedule 9
1. School Overview
The School of Business is at the forefront of innovation in business and information technology education. With a focus on internationalisation, growth and innovation, the school exploits its unique regional location and expertise in courses that combine discipline-based excellence with practical application. JCU aims to empower responsible managers with practical skills underpinned by cutting edge theory. The school is one of the largest schools at JCU in terms of student numbers and offers programs at Brisbane, Cairns, Singapore and Townsville.

Graduate coursework degrees include the flagship program the Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Professional Accounting (MPA), Master of Economics (ME), and Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management (MITHM). The school also includes Information Technology, offering a Master of IT (MIT and MIT Extended). Within the coursework masters suite of degrees there are opportunities for joint degree combinations.

JCU's recently 'refreshed' MBA is committed to an agenda of responsible management, in which all our activities are consistent with sustainable and ethical business practices. Across the four campuses, there are majors available in Marketing, Human Resource Management, Managerial Accounting, Dispute Resolution and International Tourism. In 2012 we will also offer a major in Creativity and Innovation.

Research degrees are also available at honours, masters, and Doctoral levels. Honours students from JCU have an outstanding record of gaining quality jobs in government and consulting circles and a number of students have won Australian Postgraduate Award scholarships and progressed into doctoral courses.

There are a number of different pathways into the postgraduate study areas, with direct entry for those already holding an undergraduate degree. For those who do not have a first degree but have relevant work experience and professional experience, the pathway to postgraduate study starts with a Graduate Certificate, progresses through the Graduate Diploma, and reaches the Masters level and above by following these indirect entry strategies.

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