The Ron Clark Story

Published: 2021-09-14 13:40:07
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This is a true story about a talented teacher with big dreams from rural North Carolina. Even after achieving great success with students in his local school system, he still feels something's missing. He realizes he has not achieved the miracles he so dreams of. You see, Ron believes he can do much more outside of his small hometown, so he decides to find a job teaching underprivileged kids in the inner city.
Ron Clark is determined to make a difference, so he says his goodbyes and moves to New York City. He wanted a "real" challenge to teach, so he searched throughout the city for the toughest school district. What better place but Harlem to test his teaching skills! You would have thought someone eager to teacher and work with these types of kids would easily land a job, but this was not the case for Ron Clark. The movie led me to believe, because Ron was white it was a drawback in Harlem. Though he was highly successful in North Carolina, none of the New York City public schools would hire him.
Although finding it difficult to land a teaching position, he takes a temporary job as a lowly, costumed waiter at a theme restaurant. There he falls in love with an attractive co-worker who becomes his sounding board later in the movie. To add to his bad luck, she already has a boyfriend who is an actor.
As the movie continues, Ron is still having a hard time getting hired, but he shows one of his strongest traits. Ron doesn't give up easy! He continues to look for that special job, and later we see he never gives up on his students either. Deep down he knows he can make a difference, if only given the chance.

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