The Role of Schools in Childhood Obesity Prevention

Published: 2021-09-13 09:25:08
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The future adults that American's rely on are not healthy. The youth today have a big problem; they are becoming obese at a rate faster than ever. As smoking, crime, and victimization rates continue to decrease, obesity has become the most common heath problem facing young people today (McKay & Duran, 2007). The day of sitting down and eating a fresh family dinner has been replaced with fast food, processed foods, or snacks. The pace of society, technology, and video games has overtaken the time of children walking or biking to school and playing outside. Overall, children are eating more calories, eating less fruits and vegetables, and moving less; creating an epidemic that needs to be addressed immediately.

With childhood obesity rates currently on the rise, hindering the health and well being of children and placing additional financial strain on the health care system, it is imperative to teach children proper nutrition and how to stay physically fit. Kids will learn to make healthful food and drink choices if they have access to them and are motivated to do so. This research investigates how improving the quality of the food available to children during school, increasing their physical activity, and gaining the involvement of school officials are critical strategies in the reduction and prevention of childhood obesity.

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