The Role of a Management in Health Care Industry or Health Care Facilities

Published: 2021-09-13 21:25:10
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The role of a management in health care industry or health care facilities is so essential as to ensure that there is no hazard which can create errors in the facilities, to make sure employees have a fair and safe facility in which to work and make sure there are opportunities for advancement and promotion for team members (Lombardi, Schermerhorn 2007).
Postmodern complex adaptive system has evolved from the changes in which healthcare develop a new ways to manage in an organization. Before the development of this theory, healthcare organizations have been unable to manage healthcare in an efficient and productive manner. From this inefficient management, managers began to face new challenges which leads to poor choices made for the companies they represented. The advantage in postmodern and complex adaptive systems is that it helps managers to avoid errors that they would not otherwise recognize.
I understand that making a right decision at a right time is the key to avoid error, also planning ahead of time will eradicate the surprises at the different dilemma that may arise , (Johnson page 80) described some scenario that could have a negative impact on healthcare organization, - Failing to account for employees' ability to learn safe machine operation methods by experimenting on their own with ways to speed up production and thereby reduce the effort they are required to use.
This can be considered error because it will affect the organization greatly, and if there is any injury among the employees, the organization is going to be responsible for it, for example, if a marching injured employee, this could result in a temporary or permanent disability to the employee and the organization will be paying for it, as a result of negligence of what needed to be done first. So based on what have learned from this textbook, it is important that proper training of all machine or equipment is necessary.

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