The Potential of Neuromarketing as a Marketing Tool

Published: 2021-09-15 07:25:09
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The Potential of Neuromarketing as a Marketing ToolSydney TrahinAsheville-Buncombe Technical Community CollegeHeather Vaughn, English InstructorNovember 15, 2017AbstractIn recent years, a new field has been emerging that links the worlds of neuroscience, consumer behavior, and marketing: neuromarketing. Neuromarketing is a developing study that focuses on assessing consumers’ cognitive and emotional responses to various marketing stimuli. Each year, billions of dollars are spent on advertising campaigns. However, traditional methods for exanimating the success of advertisements commonly fail because the research depends on consumers’ willingness and ability to describe their emotions when shown an advertisement. Through neuromarketing, marketers have the potential to discover implicit and automatic processes which determine the decision-making process, and that will reveal unidentified information about consumer behavior which is not obtainable through traditional marketing methods (Hubert & Kenning 2008).  The advancements in neuroscience technologies can enable marketing researchers to better understand the function of emotions in decision making and developing more effective methods of generating these emotions in order to create more targeted advertisements. Overall, this information will help researchers to be more persuasive marketers. Neuromarketing offers a progressive method for directly seeing into customers minds without requiring cognitive or conscious participation.Keywords: Neuromarketing, Advertising, Marketing, CustomerThe Potential of Neuromarketing as a Marketing ToolHow much do people know about why customers buy? What truly influences people’s decisions in today’s advertising cluttered world? An eye-grabbing billboard? A catchy slogan? Or do individuals buying decisions take place below the surface, so deep within the subconscious mind that buyers are barely aware of them? There is evidence suggesting that the brain is the main mediator of human behavior, expressed emotions, and decision-making processes (Murphy, Illes, & Reiner, 2008). Moreover, certain evidence shows that in the majority of the cases, people are unable to express their reasons for behavior and preferences, consciously or unconsciously (Vecchiato, Astolfi, De Vico Fallani, Toppi, Aloise, Bez, & Babiloni, 2011). As a result of combining neuroscience with marketing, a relatively new study of neuromarketing has manifested. By taking advantage of advances in technology, this emerging field goes beyond traditional tools of marketing research by focusing on consumer brains responses to marketing stimuli. By doing so, it is expected that an objective perspective of brain activity can be assessed (Hubert, & Kenning, 2008). This research helps to better understand the effects of marketing stimuli on consumers, presenting marketers with the opportunity to obtain unbiased data through the use of the available technology and advances in neuroscience. Neuromarketing gives businesses a better opportunity to understand how customers unconscious mind influences their decision to purchase, providing a better understanding of the consumers’ thoughts, emotions, feelings, needs and motivation to buy.

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