The Possibility of the Restricted Legalization of Marijuana

Published: 2021-09-13 17:15:07
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In today's day and age there has been much speculation on the issue of whether or not the underground drug marijuana should be legalized. Whilst critics of this drug state a solid argument against it, this drug can be used for medical use and occasional enjoyment by responsible adults. Unfortunately this does not matter when a vast majority is frequently consuming copious amounts of pot and collecting profit from the cultivation and manufacturing of illegal dope. Another concerning issue is the rapidly growing trend in irresponsible marijuana usage in teens and young adults who not only abuse this substance, but are damaging their undeveloped brains at a rapid pace. The truth, however sad it is, is that the complete legalization of marijuana in our consumerism based society would be disastrous, as the majority of the population in Canada and the rest of North America due to the fact that most people are chiefly concerned with only their own pleasure and satisfaction.

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