The Polypropylene Is a Polymer

Published: 2021-09-12 14:45:09
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Victoria Chemicals is an international chemical company that produces polypropylene. The polypropylene is a polymer used to produce a lot of different products such as, carpet fiber or automobile components. The plant to produce the polypropylene was located at Merseyside and Rotterdam, Holland. In terms of sales position, Victoria Chemicals was mainly supply for the customers in Europe and the Middle East. As a plant manager of Victoria Chemicals' Merseyside Works, Morris has a plan to make an innovation to the polypropylene production in Merseyside plant as the purpose in carve out the opportunities to carry up the production efficiency and also doing some reparative job for the machine. On the other hand, the assistant manager of the Merseyside project, Griffin Tewitt had suggested to including the production line for ethylene-propylene-copolymer rubber (EPC) along with the Merseyside project. Moreover, the Transport Division was suggested that the purchases of tank cars to increase the product allocation and the cost should consider as initial outlay for the Merseyside project's capital program. As we can see, that was a lot of things that Morris should consider to implement her plan. Thus, she needs to prepare the very detail proposal and submit to senior's management to get the approval for this plan.

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