The Platform for Human Essence

Published: 2021-09-15 17:55:09
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The Platform For Human Essence

All people are said to have a certain essence about them, this essence is human dignity. Human dignity is a term that most people acclaim themselves for having. In relation to human dignity, Francis Fukuyama coined the term "Factor X"in his essay, Human Dignity, stating that it was, "human quality after it is stripped of all its unnatural characteristics"(pg.143). Human dignity relates because it contains "Factor X" and plays a key role in human equality. However, "Factor X" is viewed differently from religious, scientific, and technological perspectives. Factor X's existence is threatened by biotechnology advancements that could alter genetics causing a variation in genes. Thus, human essence will lose its meaning if biotechnology advances to far ahead of society; this paper will argue that preserving "Factor X" is a first hand view of what it means to be human and that too much genetic progress will essentially erase "Factor X".
Human dignity is something as Fukuyama says, "almost no one can either define or explain". The human dignity that people have, creates the essence that is human life. This dignity is shown in human efforts to appear and feel equal growing around their "Factor X". In explaining the meaning for human equality, Fukuyama states:
It is not necessarily that we think we are equal in all important respects, or demand that our lives be the same as everyone else's. Most people accept the fact that a Mozart or an Einstein or a Michael Jordan has talents and abilities that they don't have, and receives recognition and eben monetary compensation for what he accomplishes with those talents...But we also believe that people deserve to keep what they earn and that the faculties for working and earning will not be the same for all people. We also accept the fact that we look different, come from different races and ethnicities, are of different sex, and have different cultures.(pg. 142)
This shows the essence of humans in their strive for equality through human dignity.
Fukuyama calls it, "the human essence, the most basic meaning of what it is to be human"(143). Subsequently, there are many different branches of humans that have declared the knowledge of where "Factor X" comes from. For example, Christians claim that it comes from God. Fukuyama clarifies Christian beliefs stating " Man is created in the image of God, and therefore shares in some of God's sanctity, which entitles human beings to a higher level of respect than the rest of natural creation".(pg. 143). This statement is interpreted by Pope John Paul II quoted by Fukuyama stating "It is by virtue of his spiritual soul that the whole person possesses such dignity even in his body.(pg.143). To Christians it is a blessing that they are even allowed to possess "Factor X" in their body."Factor X" is a God-given tactic to Christians but is viewed as a "moral choice" to philosophers and an illusion to scientists.

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