The Last Days of Socrates Summary

Published: 2021-09-10 12:50:08
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Last Days of Socrates

Socrates was a Greek Athenian philosopher and is often credited as one of the founders of western philosophy. The Last Days of Socrates is a simple, but somewhat hard to read book. It is written by Plato, a student of Socrates. It consist of four dialogues that talk about Socrates activities before his trail and death. In these dialogues you get to know a few other characters and what their views are by the opinions expressed through conversation with Socrates. These series of conversations and speeches, confirm and deny each others statements and beliefs. To show this, I will explain the books with a bit more in depth.
The book of Euthyphro is set to the time of right before Socrates trial. It begins when Socrates ask Euthyphro why he is waiting near the court and Euthyphro replies saying that he is prosecuting his father for murder. Surprised by this Socrates says the he must have advanced knowledge on these matters and that his father must have murdered another family member. Euthyphro says that he is indeed an expert of these matters but the man his father murdered was not a family member. He also says that since his father committed an unholy deed and "polluted" his family, then his sins must be purged by means of prosecution. This is where Socrates and Euthyphro begin their (somewhat hard to follow) discussion about holiness and how it is recognized. In the discussion, one of Euthyphro's arguments is that what is holy is approved by the gods. Socrates cleverly combats this definition and points out that it is clearly insufficient. He does this by explaining by saying that if the gods approve of something because it is holy, then their approval cannot be what makes it holy. In the same way, if it is holy because the gods approve of it, then we still don't know why the gods approve of it. The discussion and book end, when Euthyphro storms off because Socrates cleverly turns all of his arguments against him.

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