The Land of Opportunity

Published: 2021-09-10 11:10:07
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The Land of Opportunity
Even though life is more comfortable in each country than it was in the past, the United States is still labeled as "The Land of Opportunity" and therefore, many people immigrant to the United States. Migration is defined as a permanent change in residence, but there are two types of migration: emigration and immigration. Emigration is when one moves out of the area they are currently living at, while immigration is when one moves into a new area. According to the book:
The social impact of immigration to the United States is felt throughout Mexico...the earliest emigrants were typically married men of working age from the middle of the stratification system. They had sufficient financial resources to afford the costs and risks of immigration, yet were experiencing enough financial strain that entering the United States was attractive to them. (Witt 278)
This shows how desperate some countries are for employment opportunities and possibly for a better education. The book discusses this issue further under Mexico's Economy paragraph; it expands this issue by stating:
If we compare Mexico's economy to that of the United States, differences in the standard of living and in life chances are quite dramatic, even though Mexico is considered a semiperiphery nation. Gross national income is a commonly used measure of an average resident's economic well-being. In 2008, the gross national income per person in United States came to $47,930; in Mexico, it was mere $9990. About 36 percent of adults in the United States have a bachelor's degree, compared to only 18 percent of those in Mexico. (Witt 275)
The above statement explains why United States has many people emigrating from Mexico due to economy and education problems. However, immigration to United States is not easy for everyone. In order to accomplish the "American Dream" for themselves and their families, many of these immigrants have no choice but to leave their families behind.

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