The Giver Case

Published: 2021-09-10 12:45:07
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Chapter 4.
Jonas sets out for the Houses of Old to do his voluntary hours. Still wondering about the Ceremony and what Assignment he would get, he gives a bath to an elderly woman, named Larissa. While washing her, they discuss the release of an old man. Jonas becomes curious why children were not allowed to watch such wonderful ceremony of release.

Chapter 8.
At the end of the ceremony, the Chief Elder apologizes to the confused audience for causing concern. Then she announces that Jonas has been chosen for a special position: the Receiver of Memory. She explains that Jonas has been selected for his courage, intelligence, integrity and the capacity to see beyond. Jonas felt proud at the same time worried.

Chapter 12.
When Jonas spends time talking with Fiona, it happens again: the seeing beyond. Fiona's hair seems to be changing, like an apple he saw a day ago. Jonas asks the Giver what it is, and the Giver tells Jonas he is recognizing the color red. Jonas is surprised to know every object has its own color and regrets that the community got rid of it.

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