The Disadvantage of Free Tablet to Students

Published: 2021-09-15 22:15:08
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The disadvantage of free tablet to students
According to the government policy that they have been distributing free tablet for a Prathom one children over the nation, I don't think this will not only be useful enough to students but also a waste of national budget.
First of all the student in ages 6-7 years old, they are not prepared or mature to handle or take care the software tablet, they can easily ruin, drop or scratch the tablet. It is dangerous to them who don't know carefully to charge the battery, this could cause the short-circuit and very harmful to body live.
Secondly, the contents in the tablet could possibly not matching to the lesson in the class Prathom one, parents may be not able to solve the problem how to operate the tablet because they are farmer, poor education, so not knowledgeable to advise their children at home. The same problem also happens to the teacher at school because that may be not ready to teach the children how to use the tablet. We can imagine how confused and complicated when the students in the class shout out at the same time asking teacher to help them to use the tablet. This will waste teacher's time to teach the students.

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