The Customer Satisfaction Level of Grameenphone Ltd

Published: 2021-09-12 14:45:09
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GrameenPhone Ltd (GP) is a fast growing mobile telecommunication. Considering the importance of customer satisfaction, this project was designed to assess the satisfaction level of GP's subscribers. It is generally recognized that, although GrameenPhone is leading the market of mobile telecommunication industry, its customer's are not fully satisfied with their services. If GP does not take care of these dissatisfactions and other company enters the market with similar offers, it will be difficult for GrameenPhone to keep current market share intact. A survey was thus conducted focusing on different customer satisfaction factors of GrameenPhone.
GrameenPhone has been successful to build a superior image in comparison to the other operators. In other words, GP has a clear advantage over the competitors. GrameenPhone has some additional features in comparison to its competitors. It is playing a vital role to increase the subscribers of GrameenPhone. Another important thing is that GP users are mostly satisfied with the initial price of GP connections and handsets. Because, before GP's introduction to the market, mobile phones were totally out of reach to the major part of the current market. Moreover, GrameenPhone subscribers are happy with the country wide network. In spite of this, GP users are not satisfied with service of the company.

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