The Case Study Is About an African American Woman

Published: 2021-09-14 16:55:10
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The case study is about an African American woman named Alberta Johnson who is 41 years of age and is a single mom raising three children on her own. She has two girls and one boy. The ages of her children at the time of the incident is that of 14 for her son, 15 years old of one daughter, and the other was 17 years old. Alberta is having problems with her ex-husband's actions toward her son's behavior. Her two daughters came to their mother and told her that their brother's inappropriate behavior in front of them and the ex-husband was allowing this to happen in fact he encouraged the oldest daughter to have sex with her 18 year old boyfriend at his house. However, when Alberta found out that her son was doing inappropriate things in of front of her daughters she felt the need to call Social Service. While making the phone call to social services somehow the tables got turned on Alberta, which she was in a relationship with a younger man. However, the younger man was smoking pot in Alberta's bedroom and she knew nothing about it until her oldest daughter came to her and told her that her boyfriend offered her pot to smoke. Once this came out Alberta kicked the guy to the curb, she felt that he wasn't worth losing her girls over this matter. However, social services didn't see it that way.

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