The Boondock Saints

Published: 2021-09-15 18:15:09
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The Boondock saints is a movie based out of Boston about two Irish brothers Conner and Murphy MacManus that attend a Mass at a Catholic Church in Boston hearing the story of Kitty Genovese a murder on march 13 1964 who was stabbed and killed in Kew gardens new york city (next to her house) her death promoted a new social psychological phenomenon known to most as the bystander effect or "Genovese syndrome".This revealed to the brothers how citizens diffuse responsibilities towards their fellow man. The brothers later show at their favorite pub celebrating saint Patty's day with their fellow Irish and Italian friends. Their fun is stopped by the abrupt entrance of Russian mobsters looking to take the bar and other land in that area of Boston. Calmly and politely the brothers and the other drinkers asked them to let them enjoy one more night at their pub but the Russians pursued to make them leave with violence so they fought them and won; damaging them minimally, and making the Russians look like fools. The next morning the Brothers find the mobsters they fought last night broke into their apartment seeking redemption with guns and cuffed one of them to the toilet while taking the other outside to kill. Once they leave with his brother he tears the toilet he was cuffed to and overcome them. The other brother immediately takes all the mobsters guns and money kills the unconscious mobster and takes himself and his brother to the hospital. A federal investigation ensues by Paul Smecker and finds it to be a crime of passion and knows that he will not find his suspects until they walk into his police station and tell their story once this happens the local media get a hold of the story and call them the Brooklyn saints and feel empowered by this like heroes of Boston due to that they killed two unwanted mobsters and at the same time saved their own lives. In the brothers sleep they feel an essence of a spiritual nature reveal to them their fate as heroes of Boston to take righteous and bloody death to those they feel are evil to this society and make their mission to destroy the large amount of mobsters and sinners of their own streets. This holy crusade they embark on is done with signature killing techniques like leaving a "Viaticum" in Latin or in English sustenance for the journey a coin in both eyes to pay the ferryman and be judged for their sins in hell or heaven it is believed without the coins one would go nowhere. Also they would use silenced weapons and notably take all the evil men had to give. In later scenes we see the brothers take out a Russian mob boss and eight of his associates this shows they have skills to do these types of jobs more and enlist the help of one of their friends Rocco or the laughing man with his information to most of the crime syndicate in Boston they set out to take out the scum of the earth until they get caught by an Italian mobster who wants them dead kills Rocco. it is revealed that

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