The Biocon’s Launching a New Cancer Drug in India Case

Published: 2021-09-11 17:20:09
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  The Biocon’s Launching a New Cancer Drug in India CaseAssuming Biocon gets approval for BIOMAb, should it launch this drug immediately or conduct phase-3 trials before launch?There are many pros and cons for each decision. In my opinion, conducting phase-3 trials before launching is more logical due to necessity of resourcing on further clinical traits and gathering more evidence of BIOMAb’s safety and efficacy. Just because Erbitux, which has long history and already had a drug for colorectal cancer in market, is strong competitor as having phase-3 results.And Phase-3 leads to see monitoring side effects which is really crucial for launching drug especially cancer one. Moreover, BIOMAb has low sales capability.On the other hand, expending precious time will lead to risk of having first mover advantage. According to the Phase-2 results, patients who used BIOMAb with both radio-and chemotherapy treatment have 100% responsed and it is astounding. In addition, BIOMAb has one-six of Erbitux’s chimeric which causes a skin rashness. Also Biocon has an critical advantage over Erbitux about having “Indian” orgins and after launching BIOMAb, and Biocon can be the first Indian company which devolops and markets for Indian patients.  But most probably, Erbitux would show competitive reaction. This dillema is more related with gaining more profit in short-term and vanquished or having continuous brand reputation and using second-mover advantage by correcting errors of market leader and staying in market in long-term.

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