The American Scholar

Published: 2021-09-13 15:00:09
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I agree with Emerson's observations regarding the use of books in this passage of "The American Scholar". In this passage, he introduces the second affect on the scholar - books. At first, Emerson applauds books. He stated "The theory of books is noble". He goes on to say books are "the minds of the past". I believe here Emerson is saying books are the most excellent sources accessible to the scholar. In them, the scholar can learn of accomplishments of those in the past.
Emerson talks about how books may have begun as a positive thing, but somewhere along the way, books have had a negative impact on the way the scholar thinks. "Instead of Man Thinking, we have the bookworm," is what Emerson stated. Emerson felt that Westerners have been taught how to think. I agree with this totally. Many of our well-known books, such as the Bible, have been infused with European ideology.
Emerson also talks about the distinction between "Man Thinking" and meager thinking. He felt that meager thinking only contemplate on books and then develop ideas and opinions about what is read. While "Man Thinking" builds opinions on life overall and doesn't concentrate on one subject. I agree with his distinction.

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