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Published: 2021-09-10 04:25:10
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* A personality for the ariline was chosen and manifested it in the design of everything, and in the choice and rewards for all staff.
* The AirLine joined forces with fashion label disigner Kate Spade
* The AirLine is also working on the posibility of making a joinventure with Disney, in order to supply their costumers with caulity entreiteiment on board.
* Song was created, in order to compete in the low-cost service AirLines market, such as JetBlue Airways
* The optimistic view of the brand
* Song AirLines offers organic food, a feature that none of the other Air Lines have to offer.
* Song AirLines wants to make position their bussines as a Luxury travel experience.
* They want to make the experience of travel one of culture rather than just another regular airline


* People have so many options now; they can do so many things. If you can't live up to what's happening on modern television.
* People wet bored fast and ease now a days.
* Song's primary target were hip-professional women
* Delta's Subsidiary was launched post 9/11

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