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Published: 2021-09-11 12:55:09
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[pic 1]Company – The Affordable StoreSubject – Enterprise & it’s Business EnvironmentSubject ID – C17ECCourse- Business & FinanceID – H00279110Wordcount – 1830Teacher – Steven GlasgowExecutive Summary:The Affordable Store is a start-up retail and delivery-service store in Dubai, UAE which provides a number of products at special prices. The investment will from Mr. Moksh Malhotra and from the government as this is a government venture. The idea has been selected by the UAE government among 500 others, for Dhs 500,000 for funding. The business aims to achieve the amount provided by the government in the first 2 years and expects to reach the break-even-point around the same time. The Affordable Store will soon also be made a public limited company as well and dividends will be paid yearly. The store will offer 60 day refund policy unlike other stores which offer only 30 days. The store will try to buy all goods provided in bulk so the costs are low and so it can break-even quickly. The investors will not be liable for more than their personal investments and the company will do it’s best to reduce the amount of loss from the shareholder’s shoulders, if something of that kind occurs. Mr. Moksh Malhotra will invest from the money he has obtained legally via buying and selling of shares and a business with the same concept on a smaller level. It intends to hire Brand Lounge for aggressive marketing of the business.The store should likely be open in about 5 months and fully function 2-3 more months if funds are steady from the government and from Mr. Moksh. The company also intends to hire KPS for it’s interior designing so that customers see a one-of-a-kind store. The Affordable Store will soon be on it’s feet.Company Overview:The company aims to provides a number of goods and services to it’s customers at a price cheaper than the competition. The company is a part-government venture and that of Mr. Moksh Malhotra.Business space will be rented out for a period of 5 years from Otay Properties Limited at Dhs 12,000/month. If, the contract is renewed this cost will rise by 15% from the following year. About Dhs 250,000 will be spent on the set up and first-time supplies for the store. The rest of the funds will be will Mr. Malhotra to run the business freely and without stress. Legal fees and marketing cost will total around Dhs 60,000.Products and Services:Products of the store will include fruits, vegetables, diary and all other basic eateries. Shipments will be coming in daily from all over the world. The store will have it’s own baking department and ready made, from-scratch home-like cooking as well. There will be availability to buy cell phones, home theatres and televisions and other electronics as well, in our electronics department. The store will do it’s best to procure the goods from other countries in order to achieve the best price available. It will be made sure that the goods are authentic, as there will be a specialized team to find the goods from the right sources. The store will offer special phone recharge plans working with Du and Etisalat to it’s loyalty customers.

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