Testing Times (fdr and Churchill During Wwii)

Published: 2021-09-10 03:15:09
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Testing Times
During WWII, Hitler tried to overtake Europe. The Allies tried to stop him but were being beaten down. Once Nazi Germany had over taken France it was after England. England was having the mess beaten out of them now that the Germans could focus all its military might on harming England; Germans tried to "bring England down to its knees" (Wallace 307). The Germans were attacking densely populated English cities with heavy aerial siege and bombing them with thousands of planes at a time during the night. The British had tried very hard to stop the Germans at all cost. Royal Air Force did succeed in interceding and slowing down Hitler's plans. He had intended to invade England in an operation called Operation Sea Lion, knowing that it was not prepared or strong enough to resist.
Though Hitler's invasion had been delayed, the English were still in terribly grave danger. He would still try to come and take over England at all cost. The British Royal Air Force and army were terrible outnumbered to the Nazi air force and army. At one point when the British air force tried to oppose the Germans all of the British planes had taken to flight. The Brits "had left most of its artillery and tanks behind...when they had been chased out of the continent" (Wallace 307) so they were lacking in weapons. In addition their navy's ships were being preyed upon by Nazi planes and submarines. England was running low on reserves, which was surviving a long war would need, from constant attack and were running out of time. Winston Churchill, the prime minister knew that if Germany gained access to the sea it could slowly strangle the Brits into capitulation from exhaustion of resources; they couldn't hold out much longer against the brutal attacks. America was now the last hope to save England from their fate.

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