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Have you ever watched television? Now a day's, people can watch television anytime and anywhere they want to. To watch television would be both an advantage and a disadvantage. A good thing is that TV stations have been broadcasting free education programs. As a result of this, many children can learn things such as languages and history by watching television programs such as 'Dora the Explorer' and 'Horrible History'. On the other hand, a bad thing is that a lot of television shows can affect children by giving them incite to bad behaviour. An example of this can be if a child saw a violent show and then take in many dirty or bad words from the television since there is no age limit to prevent then switching over to the channel. There are many mixed views about television as we can have variety of programmes on about education but on the other hand watching television is not good for children. There are number of reasons proving so;
First of all, children can learn bad manners from television shows. They can see violence and inappropriate shows easily because there are no restrictions on programmes to prevent them from watching them. After they have watched the violent programmes, most children tend to try to mimic attitudes and actions from the television program. For example, in India, A 17 year old boy had strangled his younger brother at 10 years old to death after being inspired by the television series 'Dexter'. He had been watching violent shows everyday before the murder occurred. As such, children and teenagers can be affected by violent television shows easily. No one should kill under any circumstance never mind there own brother over a television show.

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