Technology Changes the Way People Live

Published: 2021-09-13 23:30:09
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Perhaps more than any other force, technology changes the way people live. During the 1990s, for example, the availability of the personal computer has changed the way people work, learn, and play. Technological developments of 150 or more years ago, such as the invention of the cotton gin, mechanical reaper, and steam engine profoundly affected life in America. These inventions helped bring about an agricultural and industrial revolution in America as small-scale, labor-intensive production using hand tools, changed to large-scale industrial production with modern machines.

James Watt of Scotland invented the first efficient steam engine in 1769.This engine made it very easy for trade between different countries because they wouldnt have to rely on the wind.The engine wa power by wood burning powering the engine to go on rotating tubes that was inside the engine to move back and forth making the boat move.

Eli Whitney an inventor of the mid-1700 attention was on how much time it take to clean the cotton and take the seeds out by hand. This proccess took a days worth of just coming out to finishing one pound at the end of the day. Eli Whitney then came up with the invention of the cotton gin which made the proccess much quicker for the cotton to remove the seeds from the cotton.

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