Technology, International Trade and Pollution from Us Manufacturing

Published: 2021-09-14 09:55:09
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Technology, International Trade and pollution from US Manufacturing
(Did the green shift of the US manufacturing been accompanied by a "brow shift" in imports?)

Pollution emitted by US manufacturers has declined by 25 percent over the past several decades, while at the same time; the real value of manufacturing output grew by 25 percent. This article is a study that investigates the source of such a reduction in industrial pollution. Should the US industrial cleanup be credited to advances in production processes namely technology or should the credit be allocated mainly to changes in the composition of goods manufactured in the United States. This question arises because of its implication to international trade. If In fact, the source of the US industrial cleanup is mainly due to change in composition of goods manufactured in the United States a genuine question to ask is whether Americans consume less polluting goods or whether there is an increase in polluting goods imported. Hence the article seeks at revealing how much of the overall industrial pollution decrease can be attributed to technology and how much comes from international trade. In case the US industries succeeded in reducing their level of pollution over the years by merely producing less of polluting goods domestically and importing those goods from less developed countries, then US experience will not be replicable on a global scale, and international trade would be merely a mean to escape abiding to effective environmental policies.

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