Teaching and Learning

Published: 2021-09-13 05:15:09
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Teaching and learning

Much of the novel is set in a classroom; the room with two pianos where
Keller attempts to teach Paul to be great. It becomes clear that he knows
early on that Paul is not capable of achieving greatness, but perhaps because
Paul reminds Keller of his son, he persists. It is a strange series of lessons

because Keller has learned to be suspicious of the very thing he loves. The
music of the Romantics that were his passion has become to Keller's mind the
music that Hollywood stars kiss to. As dismissive, in its way, as Paul's
comment that rock music is 'Music to shit to.' And yet Keller is not really free

of his love for this type of music. It haunts him. He removed his own finger as
part of his promise to himself to reject certain pieces of music and then he

learns to play as well without it.
Keller is teaching very complex lessons about music. And Paul is

ultimately unable to learn them. He cannot understand that he needs to

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