Taylormade Case

Published: 2021-09-13 23:25:07
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TaylorMade continues it's 'R' series of drivers with the creation of its new white R11. The R11 is played by hundreds of Tour Pros around the world who have considered it to be the "best driver out to date". It is the ultimate club for the serious competitive golfer, and gives golfers the ability to hit consistent shots. Furthermore, it allows golfers to adjust the club head so that they can pick the type of shot they want. However, it is not very forgiving and also has the ability to break down a golfer's confidence who isn't finding the sweet spot--the R11 is not for the faint of heart. The stock shaft on the R11 is the new Fujikura Blur which is causing quite a stir in the golf community, and Fujikura continues to be the premier name in driver shafts. New this year is an adjustable plate on the sole of the club that allows for the lie of the club to be changed, having it sit square, open or closed at address. This new feature is accompanied by those that were present in the R9, an adjustable shaft and movable weights, all allowing for various setups and shot tendencies. The ominous white paint job offers a very distinct look and the shape of the club head is much like the older R9 with a pointed cone shape. The R11 does not have an overly loud sound but miss hits are noticeable just by listening. The feel of the R11 is unmatched in its ability to deliver feedback to the golfer and this enhances the appeal for low handicappers who are trying to increase consistency and workability off the tee. It is pricey starting at $449 but for the serious golfer, who generates a considerable swing speed, it has the potential to help you drive the ball farther with accuracy.

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