Tartuffe Case

Published: 2021-09-10 13:45:09
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Jean-Baptiste Poquelin Moliere was considered the father of French comedy. He was well educated and studied Latin, Law, and Greek at College de Clermont. Moliere also earned a law degree during his time there but never practiced it. Moliere wrote Tartuffe and it was first performed in 1664. Tartuffe was considered a comedy meaning that it was about the common person or family and ended in marriage, as did Tartuffe. The comedy had a cast of twelve characters and the main character Tartuffe was called the hypocrite. It was set in a middle class family and it was set during a time where the social standards were that the father Orgon was the head of the household and his word was written in stone. It didn't matter what actions the father took, he was always right and his word was obeyed by everyone including his wife. Many parts of the comedy were over the top or exaggerated to the point of almost unbelievable. Moliere's father was a furniture merchant so his social background growing up matches that of the family in Tartuffe. Orgon is so involved with religion at the time that he is blinded by the motives of Tartuffe who is portrayed as a man of God. Orgon brings Tartuffe into his home and even offers his daughter's hand in marriage to him. The daughter was in love with Valere, but to the wishes of the father agrees to the marriage. Elmire knows that something is wrong and sets the stage for the play as she tries to convince Orgon that Tartuffe is bad news. Tartuffe is trying to take over the property of Orgon in order to gain stature within the community. As the play comes to conclusion, Tartuffe is caught by Orgon who hears his motives while hiding under the table and eventually Tartuffe is arrested and Orgon's daughter is to wed Valere as intended. This makes Tartuffe fall into the category of Comedy.

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